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Singing Lessons.

** All singing lessons (face-to-face and zoom) are

now being taught at the

Musicworks, in Milford, Godalming **


For years I have been teaching people how to sing, and everyone's reason for wanting lessons is different - some are professional singers wanting to keep their vocal skill at a high level; some are preparing for auditions; and some are beginners wanting to try something completely new.  Everyone has the ability to sing - it's just a case of learning the right techniques to help you gain both ability and confidence.

As a teacher, the main thing I would aim for is to be able to help you to develop the right techniques for you to use throughout your time as a vocalist.  The main things that would be covered in lessons would be:

  • Breathing techniques

  • Diaphragmatic control

  • Vocal exercises

  • Diction

  • Ways in which to implement the above when singing

  • Vocal health

  • Performance techniques

Since 2009, I have been teaching from the RSL syllabus, and have had a 100% pass rate result every year.  I also have a 100% pass rate on LCM Musical Theatre exams.


In the Summer of 2022, I qualified as a Vocal Health First Aider, which means that if you have a voice issue, I can assess you, and advise you as to which specialist you may need to see to rectify the issue that you may be having.

I teach all abilities, from complete beginners, to vocalists who have had lessons before, and wish to keep their voices in good shape.  I teach from 7 years of age upwards, and lessons last for either half an hour or 1 hour, so if you are interested, follow the link to the Musicworks Website on the 'Contact' page, where you will fill in a sign up form and gain a free 30 minute lesson.

All singing lessons are now facilitated via The Musicworks in Milford, Godalming, and I am fully DBS (formally known as CRB) checked.



Penny is an excellent and inspiring teacher. She has taught my youngest daughter for the nine years, since she was seven. She teaches the basics in an engaging way, and seems to have a way of disguising the things kids find boring in music lessons as fun. I can't recommend her highly enough!

- Al Murray, Comedian

Penny is a fantastic teacher! Her lessons are always enjoyable and fun. She is able to help you use your voice most effectively and teach you the science behind the use of your voice. I would highly recommend her, whether you're beginner or advanced.

- Ellie Pennington, former singing pupil

"When I started lessons with Penny I hadn't done any singing for 10 years, and wasn't even sure if I could do it any more. After just a couple of months, she gave me the confidence to sing in public again which I have been doing ever since, going from strength to strength. Thanks, Penny!"


- Caroline Steer, former singing pupil

Fantastic! Penny is extremely friendly, professional and reassuring. She is thoughtful, highly skilled, and I am so grateful for her help. If you want to learn to sing, Penny is the coach for you!

- Lucy L, former singing pupil

"Penny has an amazing voice and the patience of a saint. She was there throughout my Grade 8 and was always there if I needed any extra vocal coaching or for any questions I had. I would definitely recommend her!"


- Lisa Copeland, former singing pupil

After our daughter had such a bad experience with her last teacher, we were worried that she would stop developing her singing. But Penny has really given her confidence and inspired her to enjoy singing again. We are amazed at how far she has come, how much she loves her lessons, and how hard she practises at home. We can't recommend Penny highly enough - thank you!

- Steve Carver, parent of student

I've been having lessons with Penny for sometime now, and I recommended her to my friends who have since started lessons. Lovely person, good quality lessons, flexible with times and commitment.

- Josie Barnett, former singing pupil

Penny is a great teacher, Highly recommended! Five stars!

- Dan White, former singing pupil

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